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Preparation, Preliminary Analysis

  • Administrative, legal and technical documents and information procured by the Project owner
  • Function Schematics 
  • Requirements program
  • Layout plan, Floor plans and principal section drawing, architectural and structural design report, area calculations 
  • Ground survey
  • Elevation map
  • Project Timetable, supporting engineering specialization fields
Preliminary Analysis
  • Finalization of the owner’s requirements program 
  • Investigation of the administrative, legal and technical documents and information procured by the Project owner 
  • Visual survey and investigation of the building site (excl. subsoil and infrastructure) 
  • Preparation of sketches to aid the owner’s design selection 
  • Preparation of conceptual design (layout plan, floor plans and principal section drawing, architectural and structural design report, area calculations)

Preliminary Design Services

(Architecture, Structural / Mechanical / Electrical Engineering, Infrastructure) 

  • The combination of the preliminary analysis works such as owner’s requirements program, function schematics, plot information, existing infrastructure, climate, cadastral survey, development regulations, environmental assessments and landscaping, with additional owner requests and architectural decisions in a final design concept 
  • Preparation of the layout plan and the settlement plan 
  • Modification of the settlement plan according to the cadastral boundaries and development regulations
  • Placement of the building in relation with the site physical characteristics and road elevation 
  • Inclusion of car parks, bomb shelters, underground water reservoirs etc. to the design 
  • Assessment of climate data and determination of climate related concerns and measures 
  • Inclusion of the landscaping design to the overall design drawings 
  • Determination of building materials and preparation of room book summary 
  • Preparation of different building floor plans, 2 section and 4 elevation drawings

Final Design and Application Design Services

Final Design
  • Inclusion of any design modifications and alterations prior to the start of application design
  • Finalization of the general layout plan
  • Finalization of the building settlement plan
  • Collection and inclusion of the utility connection information (water, gas, phone etc.)
  • Inclusion of mechanical transportation equipment information (automatic stairs, walkways, elevators etc.)
  • Inclusion of security installations (lightning rod, alarms, cctv etc.)
  • Fire fighting and protection information inclusion
  • HVAC principles determination and system design
  • Earthquake, wind and similar special loading case assessment and design
  • Finalization of building materials selection and preparation of room book
  • Preparation of different building floor plans, 2 section and 4 elevation drawings
  • Addition of the interior furnishing to drawings 
Application Design
    • Application design for all structural, electrical and mechanical building elements including system detail and installation drawings, material lists and all actual construction related information and references prepared for on site usage during the construction phase 

Architectural Application Design 

    • Preparation of the architectural application drawings according to the preliminary and final designs approved by the project owner
    • Inclusion of all references or locations for all materials, installations and equipment within the building
    • Thematic representation of all construction, mechanical and electrical installation information
    • Preparation of relevant system and installation detail drawings
    • Preparation of finalized room book 

Structural Application Design

    • Preparation of the structural and reinforced concrete calculations
    • Preparation of the calculations and principal drawings for steel elements
    • Foundation and cast plans and section drawings
    • Column application drawings 

Mechanical Application Design 

A-    Report and Calculations 

    • Heat loss and gain calculations according to the building elements and positions
    • Clean and waste water calculations
    • Water reservoir, treatment and air pressure tank (water pump) calculations
    • Fire fighting system piping and pump calculations
    • HVAC calculations 

B-    System and Equipment Selection 

    • Determination of the HVAC systems (centralized or individual)
    • Boiler, clean water pump, fire fighting pump and closet selection
    • AC equipment, aspirators and related equipment selections
    • Selection of clean water, waste water, fire fighting system, HVAC and condensation removal, drainage piping materials, pumps, valves and fittings, bathroom accessories, armatures and various other accessories 

C-    Mechanical Installations Application Design 

    • Clean water installation design
    • Waste water installation design
    • Heating system design
    • Ventilation and air conditioning system design
    • Fire fighting system design
    • Automatic control schematics
    • Heating central design
    • Exterior fire fighting system design 

Electrical Installations Application Design 

    • Voltage reduction and lighting calculations
    • Low voltage distribution net and cabling / cable trays
    • Lighting (interior-exterior) installations
    • Socket installations
    • Mechanical equipment power connection switchboard and single line schematics
    • Phone connection distribution installations
    • Antenna or cable TV connection distribution installations
    • DATA distribution systems
    • CCTV systems
    • Security and entrance control systems (access control)
    • Fire detection and warning installations
    • UPS distribution installation
    • Acoustic system (music-announcement)
    • Centralized system / building grounding installations 
    • Lightning protection measures
    • Generator installations
    • Medium voltage system service provider follow-up works (design done separately by specialized and licensed design company) 

Infrastructure Application Design 

    • Waste water discharge
    • Drainage and rain water discharge – garden watering
    • Power and distribution lines
    • Utility connections 

Landscaping Application Design (special landscape gardening works not part of bid) 

    • Roads, parks, pedestrian walkways, road bordures
    • Simple landscape gardening

System and Installation Detail Services

  • To be completed simultaneously with the application design works; detail layout, section and elevation drawings for elements such as façade, roof, foundations, staircases, doors, windows and wet rooms 
  • Investigation and approval of the various shop drawings prepared by the material manufacturers and/or preparation of shop drawings
  • Reinforcement details for reinforced concrete elements 
  • Preparation of the calculations and detail drawings for steel elements
  • Heating and air conditioning centrals 
  • Utilized water and fire fighting water reservoir technical rooms 
  • Ventilation central and technical rooms 
  • Console, support and suspender details 
  • Piping and duct section drawings 
  • Grounding connection details
  • Lighting distribution curve graphs for typical locations
  • Fixture and cable carriage systems suspender and installation details 

BoQ, Cost Estimation Services

  • Works to determine the Maximum Construction Cost limits as requested by the project owner 
  • Preparation of BoQ according to the Application and Detail Drawings 
  • Preparation of the Cost Estimate based on the BoQ

Technical Specifications, Tender Documents Preparation Services

  • Description of the technical information related with production and construction which cannot be specified on the drawn documents (material specifications, special conditions to be obeyed during production and installation, tolerances, material loss, measurement, testing conditions, the form of transportation, loading, unloading, stacking, etc)
  • Preparation of Bid Collection Specifications, Special Administrative Specifications and Draft Construction Contract according to the tendering type determined with the client
  • Consultancy services during the tendering phase

Construction Supervision Services

  • Construction supervision services to ensure the progress of the project according to the design, technical specifications, physics and aesthetics principles in compliance with the work schedule after the obtainment of the Construction Permit
  • Assistance to the client in every technical topic about the construction
  • Preparations, release and management of the work commencement petitions
  • Organization and management of the construction site meetings
  • Assistance in material selection throughout the construction
  • Preparation or follow-up of the additional detail drawings assuring the easy production of the drawings without sufficient detail
  • On site supervision of the production
  • Follow-up of the construction, production, installation and assembly according to the dimensions and shapes
  • Follow-up services for the demolition and reconstruction of the inappropriate productions
  • Follow-up on the progress payments in parallel with the construction

As-built Drawings Services

Preparation of the reports and drawings showing the completion details and installations

Final Cost Calculation Services

  • Preparation of the final account settlement between the Owners and Construction contractor (s) according to the site meeting notes, progress reports, final quantity calculations and as-built drawings.

Acceptance / Hand-over Services

  • Evaluation of the completed project and determination of the contractor’s compliance with the final design, regulations and customary business practices.
  • Organization of the final walk-through and listing of detected omissions, defects and below standard completions, follow-up of the final finishing works.

Project / Construction Management Services

Project Follow-up Services
  • Construction Permit Application 
  • Building Operational Permit Application
Comparative Estimation Preparation
  • Preparation of a cost estimate with alternative building materials and finishes
Tendering Phase Services (along with the client)
  • Collection of Bids 
  • Preparation of Bid Comparison Tables 
  • Assistance during contract negotiations 
  • Contract preparation and signature 
Construction Site Coordination and Scheduling Services
  • Coordination and scheduling of different contractor crews and works in projects with multiple construction contractors. 
  • Management of the construction site according to the Building Program, Work Scheduling and Technical Requirements

Other Services

Plot Services
  • Elevation drawing preparation (determination of site specifics and plants) 
  • Geo-technical survey
  • EIA services
  • Ground water survey
Presentation Services
  • Colored perspective drawings
  • Colored floor plans
  • 3-D renders
  • Model
Interior Layout Arrangement and Furniture Design Services
  • Built-in and movable furniture